Hi, I’m working as graphic designer and image editor. I’m ready for exited teamwork and the creation of dynamic designs and concepts. 
You can also contact me for creative direction, production planning and photography.

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Oogje Op 

Oogje Op, is a printed magazine about typography and graphic design. Guided with interviews of Roosje Klap, Hans Gremmen, Guido de Boer and six other well known Dutch graphic designers.  

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Typography, what is it? Which role does typography play in graphic design? And how do you master it?

In ‘Oogje Op’, nine Dutch graphic designers reveal their typographic secrets. Where do they draw their inspiration from? What do they find challenging or even difficult in typography?

Hans Gremmen, Eva van der Schans, Guido de Boer, Jeremy Jansen, Lyanne Tonk, Mischa Appel, Richard Niessen, Roosje Klap, and Chantal Hendriksen open up and provide a behind-the-scenes look. Hans Gremmen is always puzzling, Roosje Klap is driven mad by all the rules, Chantal Hendriksen wants to see music on the page, and Jeremy Jansen doesn’t care about fonts at all. 

Read and be guided through the aspects of typography. Nurture the golden tips.