Hi, I’m working as graphic designer and image editor. I’m ready for exited teamwork and the creation of dynamic designs and concepts. 
You can also contact me for creative direction, production planning and photography.

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Phyto Future II 

Book design for the second phase of Phyto Future, this project is part of the open call 'Beautiful Production Landscapes' by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. 
The project uses the Petroleumhaven in Amsterdam as a case study to theoretically apply the concepts and ideas of an eco-industrial landscape park. 

Creative direction
Book design
hybrid production

The second phase of Phyto Future applies building blocks in three different scenarios: the current situation (now), the nearby green future (2040), and the further wet future (2100). In each of these three scenarios, the building blocks have a unique elaboration of the characteristics and effects of using them.

The design not only translates the so important unique set of challenges that will be relevant but also the transformation due to the rising water levels and nature compared to what we know today. 

With a focus on climate change and a love for nature, this book is entirely eco-friendly produced. Together with the soy RISO ink, colors, and photography, not only is the vivid beauty of nature celebrated, but also its importance.